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Announcing Our 2020 HIEEC Finalists and Highly-Commended

We are pleased to announce the finalists and highly-commended essays of our 2020 Harvard International Economics Essay Contest, co-sponsored by the Harvard Undergraduate Economics Association.

The 2020 Harvard International Economics Essay Contest is sponsored by the Harvard Undergraduate Economics Association (HUEA) in conjunction with the Harvard College Economics Review (HCER). This essay competition is open to high school students of any year and is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate an accomplished level of writing and understanding of economic theory. Through the contest, student competitors hone their academic and professional skills and exhibit their knowledge to future employers and academic programs.

Competitors must construct a convincing argument using economic theory and real-world examples. Winning essays will be published in the Harvard Economics Review and will be available for the greater Harvard community to read.

2020 Finalists

Hana O’Looney-Goto

Hyungsoon Kim

Julia Massa

Nitheesh Velayan

Sarah Ouyang

Vikas Nibhanupudi

Yi Wan

2020 Highly Commended Essays

Ameya Dixit

Andrew Kim

Chelsea Hu

Connor Greenwood-Cribbin

Daniel Son

Faith Lam

Hannah Cifuentes

Tianle He

Jerry Ahn

Jingzhao Ma

Kangzi Chan

Ki Myoung Cheon

Nandini Jha

Ngoc Lan Ho

Riku Kubota

Sakshi Modi

Sofia Faghihy

Tiara Siregar

Udeshna Srimal

Vidula Mannem

Yi An Chan



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